Our Story

What once was a holiday hobby, has now become a thriving business for the creator of Divine Chocolates. Joeleen Hacker once impressed her friends and family with her delectable truffles, and has since made her love of crafting beautiful chocolates to all who want to indulge in a luscious treat.   Being the chocolate lover that Joeleen is, she has sourced fine European chocolate that is considered one of the best in the world. Divine Chocolates truffles are made with fresh butter and cream; preservatives are never used. Joeleen’s motto is to start with exceptional ingredients and you will get exceptional results.   Once Divine Chocolates truffles became popular, Joeleen decided it would be an adventure to create the ultimate hot chocolate blend; the kind of hot chocolate that satisfies the soul. This concoction of real chocolate pieces and cocoa creates a rich, intense, and perfectly balanced mug of hot chocolate.   Ultimately, Joeleen wants to share her joy and happiness of chocolate with others through high quality and astonishing flavors. Divine chocolates truly is a divine experience.